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i want a plus size version of this in my life NOW!

i want a plus size version of this in my life NOW!

yup…..this if for a certain SOMEONE.

yup…..this if for a certain SOMEONE.

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Anonymous asked: How does one go about wooing such a beautiful lady such as yourself :)

Just be yourself… and come off anon! haha x

Anonymous asked: I'm a huge huge fan of yours hunni can I request a pic xxxxxxx

Thank you, but i dot do reqests x

Anonymous asked: i'd like to get to know you better. if that's ok? :P

Ok…. x

Anonymous asked: Wow your super beautiful and smoking hot. Just a request. Could you do a belly dance gif for your fans please

haha, no one needs to see that!

Anonymous asked: Everything about you turns me on... You're insanely hot.

And you are very kind to say such things. x

Anonymous asked: Amazing tits as always!

Haha… cheers!

Anonymous asked: Seriously. When can we hang out?

Sure! x

Anonymous asked: Beautiful.

Thank you xx

Anonymous asked: would you date someone younger than you?

It depends how much younger. x

Anonymous asked: I would love to meet up with you have dinner and drinks but no but here I live in London :)

Haha… I live in London too y’know silly. 

Anonymous asked: Fuck. Why can't I take you for dinner then back to mine and dominate you, your so fucking hot.

Goodness me….. Make a lass blush haha :)



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